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Department of Imaging Physics, Division of SVP Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Fuentes has a strong interdisciplinary background in applied mathematics, imaging physics, engineering, scientific computation, and mathematical modeling of physics based phenomena. Dr. Fuentes has contributed in numerous aspects of ... quantitative clinical imaging guided research, including, MRI image acquisition, image registration, modeling of the nonlinear dynamic bioheat transfer within heterogeneous tissue, geometry extraction, high-speed data transfer, remote computer visualization, laser optics, high-performance parallel computing, inverse analysis, calibration, model validation, thermal image processing, data assimilation, optimal control algorithms, and uncertainty quantification. Dr. Fuentes has been involved with multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, imaging physicists, computational scientists, applied mathematicians, interventionists, and industry collaborators in 20+ peer reviewed publications relating to image guided research.

Primary Appointment

Assistant Professor, Department of Imaging Physics, Division of Diagnostic Imaging, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

The development, implementation, and validation of high performance human assisted computational tools for image-guided interventions.

Image guided therapy, computation science, treatment planning, and treatment monitoring.

Degree-Granting Education

Postgraduate Training

Fuentes D

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doi: 10.1101/gad.9.5.521 Delicate Clear Austrian Crystal Leaf Drop Earrings In Rose Gold Tone 40mm L LYKm340

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Genetic screens for dominant second-site mutations that suppress the lethality of Abl mutations in Drosophila identified alleles of only one gene, enabled (ena). We report that the ena protein contains proline-rich motifs and binds to Abl and Src SH3 domains, ena is also a substrate for the Abl kinase; tyrosine phosphorylation of ena is increased when it is coexpressed in cells with human or Drosophila Abl and endogenous ena tyrosine phosphorylation is reduced in Abl mutant animals. Like Abl, ena is expressed at highest levels in the axons of the embryonic nervous system and ena mutant embryos have defects in axonal architecture. We conclude that a critical function of Drosophila Abl is to phosphorylate and negatively regulate ena protein during neural development.


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doi: 10.1101/gad.9.5.521 Goldenite Solitaire Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver 175 Ct RyoaP

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Wenying Angela Liu; She Chen; Zhizhong Li; Choong Heon Lee; Ghayda Mirzaa; William B. Dobyns; M. Elizabeth Ross; Jiangyang Zhang; Song-Hai Shi
Daniel T. Youmans; Jens C. Schmidt; Thomas R. Cech
Riki Terui; Koji Nagao; Yoshitaka Kawasoe; Kanae Taki; Torahiko L. Higashi; Seiji Tanaka; Takuro Nakagawa; Chikashi Obuse; Hisao Masukata; Tatsuro S. Takahashi
Jing Cai; Xuewen Song; Wei Wang; Terry Watnick; York Pei; Feng Qian; Duojia Pan
Shenghong Ma; Kun-Liang Guan

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Digital Doping: Anxious and Unproductive to Unplugged
How Being Disconnected Helped Me Reconnect

It was a crisp August morning in the Grand Teton National Park , Wyoming. I rolled out of my tent and stretched in the morning light noting the quiet stillness of the world around me. My mind was at ease without any pressing concerns or feeling that I was ‘missing out’ on something.

I had no idea what the weather was going to be that day, what was going on in the world, who was doing what on social media or how many emails I received that week. It hit me: I went from anxious and unproductive to unplugged – I was in heaven.

The Digital Age Myth

‘They’ say that technology makes you feel more connected to others. I firmly believe that the illusion of a digital connection can disconnect you .

It’s great to see what your friends and family are doing on social media when you cannot necessarily speak to them each day. I can be seductively convenient to pop over a quick text to a friend or an email to grandma. It’s also too easy to let that digital connection be the ONLY connection you have. Soon, you don’t know anything about one another except what you see on social media.

What you see in the digital world is a version of the truth. We are consuming what others want you to see. So, who are you feeling connected with? Not the real person, just the façade they want the world to see.

Social media is a “social-validation feedback loop,” Sean Parker , the former president of Facebook, said. “Exactly the kind of thing that a hacker like myself would come up with, because you’re exploiting a human psychology.”

Digital Doping Anxiety

I didn’t know that I had any inclination to anxiety until I upgraded smartphones for the 3 rd time. Handheld devices integrate so seamlessly into our lives we don’t even think about how addicted we are. Social media is only the tip of the iceberg.

How many times do you feel compelled to respond to that email you just saw? Just about everyone instantly responds to texts these days. Plus, your calendar conveniently connects to all your social platforms. You can be conveniently inundated with notifications 24×7.


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